I’ve spent much of my life putting conversations about health where they belong – in center court. I believe it’s so important for us to learn about our risk for RSV infection and how to help prevent it, so we can help Sideline RSV- Earvin “Magic” Johnson, compensated spokesperson for Sideline RSV by GSK

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    “I came from humble beginnings in Lansing, Michigan. Watching how hard my parents worked made an impression on me. From my father, I got an incredible work ethic, from my mother I got my smile and I learned the importance of community.”

    “I’m grateful that my successes both on and off the court have provided me with an opportunity to serve communities, especially when it comes to healthcare.”

    “I make my health a priority, and I’m passionate about inspiring others to do the same. I’ve teamed up with GSK to help bring education and awareness around a common, contagious virus, called RSV.”


    RSV = respiratory syncytial virus


    “Understanding how to help protect yourself against this virus is important, especially for older adults who are at an increased risk for severe infection."

    “My mission in life is to empower older adults to be their own health advocates by putting their health first.”

    “Help Sideline RSV.”


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Staying healthy is Magic Johnson’s top priority — he’s teamed up with GSK on Sideline RSV to help encourage older adults to put their health first, too. Learn the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) risk factors and make a game plan to help protect yourself from severe infection.


Sideline RSV is a health education campaign by GSK aimed at helping older adults and their loved ones know the risks of RSV. RSV is a common, contagious virus that typically causes mild symptoms. Older adults, adults with chronic heart or lung disease, and adults with weakened immune systems have an increased risk of severe RSV infection. Each year approximately 177,000 adults 65 and older are hospitalized in the US due to RSV and an estimated 14,000 of those cases result in death. For adults 60 and older, some data suggest that there is an increased risk for severe RSV infection that can lead to hospitalization.

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COPD or Asthma

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Chronic heart failure

In addition to older adults, adults with certain underlying conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and chronic heart failure (CHF) are at an increased risk for severe RSV infection. RSV infection can exacerbate symptoms of certain underlying conditions and can even cause hospitalization.

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If you're 60 or older, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about RSV and vaccination.